Welcome to Middle Eastern Studies, Join Sherazade!

12/08/2021 Off By L.S.V. Sheherazade
Old city of Jerusalem, december 2018. Personal trip from one of the board members.

Study Association

Dear (upcoming) student of Middle Eastern Studies, welcome! We are Sherazade, the study association of Middle Eastern studies in Leiden. We are a small study association and organize all kinds of interesting activities where you get to know your fellow students and the field better. Think of having drinks or tea together, lectures, dance and calligraphy workshops, excursions … and not to mention the study trip! In addition, you can always approach us if you have a question / complaint about the study program. We also have an online platform for summaries, pdfs and study books, tips for nice language apps, etc. and you can also buy books there! Even if you do not know anyone,we are a small association and the atmosphere is informal. We will do our best to make you feel welcome!

Who are we?

The current board is currently installing the new board! They will soon introduce themselves to you, at the physical EL-CID meeting this year and during the first-year day.

In addition, we have a sustainability advisor, a diversity advirsor and a supervisory board, and often multiple committees such as the travel committee. But sheerazade is of course mainly an association by her members! With around 70 members (not everyone’s equally active) we are a small-scale study association. Everyone is welcome, whether they are first-year students, minor students, master students, veterans and everything that is in between! Some are members for the lectures, others for the drinks, others are particularly interested in the annual study trip. There’s something for everyone!

Social Media & Contact

We do not only organize fun activities, but are also very active on social media and would like to point out our followers on interesting websites, apps, music … and everything that has to do with the Middle East. Take a look at Facebook and Instagram to get a picture of Sherazade and our members, and Like / Follow us! We also have WhatsApp groups, for both useful information and just cozy chat, and we have created a special group for the first-year students. For example, you can talk to one of us and your classmates and ask all your questions about the study, the city, and of course the association and our activities.

For our activities we also have a discord, a Microsoft Teams environment and we used Netflix / Teleparty for our COVID times movie nights. As a member you receive a monthly newsletter with our activities and other interesting events / sites / apps. Of course you can always reach us via e-mail: Sheherazadeleides [at] Gmail [point] com.

Become a member!

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to register immediately? You can! Here you will find the registration form. You can also indicate which possible activities you are interested in. You will be added to our mailing list and Whatsapp groups to stay informed of all upcoming activities. See you soon!