Vacancies (deadline 10/9)

Vacancies (deadline 10/9)

22/08/2020 Off By L.S.V. Sheherazade

The new board has been installed, but we’re not there yet! We are looking for colleagues.

  • Activities committee
  • Travel committee
  • Lecture committee

Besides this, we also welcome new ideas and initiatives of any kind! If you have tips for events, shares on social media or (field) trip destinations: let us know.

As a committee member, you will improve your organisatory skills. Cooperation is key, as well as punctuality and working neatly. Being a committee member looks good on your resume and is a great preparation for a possible Sheherazade board position next year.

The activities committee is responsible for the organization of all online and offline activities that are not study related, i.e. the fun ones! Think high chai’s, excursions, drinks, movie nights, pubquizzes, silent disco’s, dinners…. Whatever you want! TFor every activity tasks will have to be completed. At the beginning of the year, a general schedule for the activities will be composed. If you’re eager to organize fun activities for your fellow members and have many ideas to share, we encourage you to apply for this committee!

The travel committee is responsible for the organization of the annual study trip of Sheherazade! This trip can take place anywhere in the Middle East, Northern Africa or even in European countries with an Islamic history or population (e.g. Andalusia, Bosnia). Our trips have a combined educational and fun character. Before the pandemic, Sheherazade visited Tunesia, where we a.o. visited the Dutch embassy and an NGO. All ideas are welcome, so let’s brainstorm together!This year the corona crisis will provide unknown challenges, which means that we’ll regularly have to adapt our plans. Normally, the ideal time for a study trip is the end of January, when the exams are over, but it’s possible that the trip will have to be moved to a different date. Previous experience with organizing is not necessary to apply, but it definitely comes in handy if you know your way around it. Most of all, we’re looking for real travel enthousiasts!

Whether you join the activities committee or the travel committee, we will make sure your role fits you, meaning we won’t demand more from you than you have to offer. Naturally, it will be a challenging experience and you will learn a lot!

Write a short motivation and do let us know if you have further questions about the application. Send your e-mail to sheherazadeleiden[at]gmail[dot]com.
Apply before September 10!